Personal Growth Resources (English Language)

A Changed Life for Pre Believers

Pathway Book 2 Life as a Disciple

Becoming Gods Net eBook for Small Groups English

In the Beginning Genesis Cell Group Study English

Office Skills Training School Curriculum English Language

Prayer and Devotions English Language

Reign in Life English

Men Study Success That Matters English

Understanding Vision for Your Life and Ministry English

Apostles Fathers Pastors Mentors Coaches Teachers and Brothers

Foundational Skills for All Office Workers

How to Become Proactive at Work

Prepare for the success in the New Year English PDF

Ten Reasons People Listen to Us

You Can Change the World Summary

Sexual Strongholds Men Get Real

Our Spiritual Warfare English

0 Ephesians Introduction English

1 Ephesians Chapter 1 English

2 Ephesians Chapter 2 English

3 Ephesians Chapter 3 English

4 Ephesians Chapter 4 English

5 Ephesians Chapter 5 English

6 Ephesians Chapter 6 English

1 Understanding God’s Wonderful Plan

2 Understanding the Kingdom of God

3 Understanding the Church of Jesus Christ

4 The Five Purposes of God for the Church

5 Loving God

7 Understanding Praise and Worship

8 Understanding the Presence of God

9 Gods Story of Redeption

10 Foundations of the Faith

11 You Must Be Born Again

12 How to Share Your Faith

13 Journey to Maturity

14 Three Steps to Becoming a Disciple

15 Characteristics of a Disciple of Jesus Christ

16 Jesus Method of Making Disciples

17 Relationships in the Church

18 The Church is a Family

19 Three Foundations for Faith

21 The Bible is Our Pattern for Life

Understanding the Seven Seasons of Life

One Person Can Change the World

Shame Isolation and Community

Discovering Your Spiritual Shape Full Book ENG

Discovering Your Hearts Passion