Christian Fellowship Poipet Cambodia April 2014 Report

Dear Friends,

We believe God wants a Life-Giving Church with the DNA of New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia in Northwestern Cambodia, (particularly Poipet City) that will have positive influence in Cambodian Society and become a model and resource for other churches in that area.

As Christian Fellowship Poipet was planted more than a year ago we grew very quickly, but ran into some challenges that set us back temporarily for a few months.  We have a new pastor and wife in place and have seen tremendous changes in just a few months.  Vearia Chea and his wife Lekena Ten have really brought positive momentum to the church and the small, but growing church is beginning to have a reputation already as being a ” church that has the Holy Spirit and a true pastor.”

We’ve still to make the kind of impact with youth which we had the first year, but we are seeing families added to the church.  So many have testified that their relationship with their unbelieving spouse has changed as well as their outlook on life.

It’s one thing to lead someone to the Lord but quite another to help them grow as a disciple.  Please pray for Pastor Vearia ad his team as they lay the Foundations of the Word of God into the lives of these new believers and see the church grow stronger.  Vearia told me last week that the ” average”  number of adults and youth connected to the church is 70.  That includes a Saturday night youth meeting, Sunday morning church meeting, a couple women’s meetings and several small groups

Our vision is to have a central church with multiple house churches and cell groups in every area of Poipet City.  We have five locations that we can possibly see that occur in the next six months if we work smart and God gives us His grace.  Please pray for these home fellowships to grow and reach their area.

I will be traveling to Poipet again for a week of teaching on ” How to Grow Your Church Beyond 200 people.”  The skills, leadership and mindset of the pastor, leaders and congregations of a church 50-70 is very different from a church from 100-200.  Please pray that our leaders and congregation will be able to grasp and make the changes necessary.

We have a Singaporean Philanthropist who said he would buy land for us and we could pay it back as we can. Our goal has been to purchase and this year and construct a multi-purpose facility in 2015.   Please pray we will find land in the right place.

I’m attaching links to three short videos I’d like to encourage you to view on You Tube.  I think you will be encouraged.  (You will need to copy this link and paste it into your browser)

I’d like to thank Patricia King and XP Ministries for their monthly financial donations.  They are the sole consistent monthly donor we have.  At this time we pay USD$400 per month for rent and about USD$600 per month for salaries. We are in the process of helping two of our staff develop small businesses for their personal support as we do not foresee the ability to continue their full financial support into the long-term future.

Donors to New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia are sponsoring 20 children at risk in Poipet.  You can participate in this sponsorship for USD$35 per month for a minimum of one year or make a one-off donation to Children at Risk Poipet

Please consider a one-off donation or a monthly sponsorship for 1 year to the General Fund of the church.  Contact me directly regarding the easiest way to donate.

Eugene Christian Fellowship, 89780 N. Game Farm Road, Eugene, OR 97408 USA

Church of Glad Tidings, P.O. Box 1630, Yuba City, CA 95992



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