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Worker, Manager or Leader

When I read this book several years ago (eMyth Revisited) it helped me make a major shift in my thinking and strategy in regards to training and placing leaders and creating systems. I highly recommend it. (This works for churches, businesses, schools and organizations). As we make disciples and train leaders we must understand the difference between a worker and a manager and a leader. We often see a person with a skill and put them in a management or leadership role. We assume because they can play guitar and sing they can lead a worship team. This is simply not true. Check out my Mentoring Growing Leaders YouTube. I believe I have a short lesson on this.

Book Review “The eMyth Revisited”

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Four Keys to Church, School, Business and Organizational Growth

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You Can Change the World – I believe it!

The photo above is of a man – Roger – whom I haven’t seen in more than 40 years.  I had the opportunity to meet up with him again this holiday season.  I had actually forgot about him specifically, but he had a life-changing impact on me in 1974.  I was working a place which closed down.  I found another job where Roger and a close friend of mine, Terry, worked.  I worked there for a month then was called back to work at an affiliate of the place that had laid me off.  However, during that month Roger and Terry were instrumental in bringing a life-changing event into my life.

You see, Roger and Terry were Christians.  They were true Christians.  They tried to talk to me about their faith and Jesus Christ but I flat out rejected them.  In fact, I remember distinctly walking with Roger and he was sharing his faith with me and I told him to his face, “Roger, I don’t want anything to do with your religion and this Jesus Christ.  Please stop talking to me about this.”  Roger respectfully did.  However, within a week I decided to join their Monday Night Bible Study and on that Monday night I gave my life to Jesus Christ.  I can honestly say a clear and sudden change came into my life.  It was amazing and I haven’t turned back in more than 40 years.

In fact, I eventually became a pastor and missionary.  In Cambodia, where I’ve been serving the Lord for more than 23 years, there has been tens of thousands of people who have received an education, orphaned or at-risk children cared for and educated, water wells dug, houses built, and lives brought out of poverty because me and my wife decided to move to that worn-torn country in April 1995.  Not to mention receiving forgiveness and a new life and new hope because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  To say tens of thousands have been touched by our decision is actually a conservative number.

But none of this would have happened if Roger and Terry did not display true Christianity to me.  I wasn’t convinced to follow Jesus because of their persuasive doctrine, but because of their persuasive lifestyle.  I saw something different in them.

Roger had no idea that his example has had such intercontinental positive influence.  You see, I see the same for you.  I’m convinced that every person has value and that includes you.  You can be a person that changes the world either through your personal actions or by just being a person full of kindness, love and generosity.  I encourage you live with expectation that you are a person of destiny and you will impact your generation.

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The Fool, Wise Man and Genius


A fool never learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from other people’s mistakes.

Share below life lessons you’ve learned from your mistakes or which you’ve learned from other people’s mistakes.