God is Restoring Humanity through His Church

Adam was created in God’s image. He was then appointed as God’s Vice-Regent to rule over the earth. Instead of reflecting the image of God and ruling in a way that demonstrates God’s character, Adam rebelled and initiated a process of Selfish Choice. The Bible reveals that at that point everything that God created became corrupted. Since then, throughout history, God has been redeeming and restoring His Creation. He made covenants, He chose a nation, He sent His Son. Step by step He has been seeking those who will partner with Him to establish His Kingdom on this earth.

The Church is His final instrument to do that. Jesus said in Matthew 16:18-20 that the Powers and Strategies of Hell will not overcome His Church, and He gives us the Keys to His Kingdom to open and close, bind and loose.

Stay tuned to this channel for a series of short audio and video lessons on where you fit into all of this.