Leaders Who Learn

2 Kings 5:1-14

Naaman was a great military leader of his time.  He had earned the love and respect of his commanders but he suffered from the disease of leprosy.  His king heard of  a Hebrew prophet and sent Naaman to see if he could gethelp.  The prophet indeed intended to help Naaman, but Naaman first had to breakthrough his pre-conceived ideas on how to solve the problem.  He wasn’t teachable.  He was locked into a certain way of thinking.  Notice what we can learn about problem solving from Naaman:

1.  He wanted an easy way to solve the problem.  He didn’t want to put forth much of an effort.  Sometimes we have to put forth a lot of effort to solve a problem!

2.  He expected special treatment because of his high position and experience.  Sometimes to solve problems we must humble ourselves and come down to the bottom level.  Our superior attitude sometimes blocks the solutions God is trying to bring to us.

3.  He had to break through certain assumptions he had formed.  He expected God to solve the problem in a certain way.  God had a different way.  Often when trying to solve a problem or find a new way we must set aside our history of how that or a similar problem was solved and be open to a new way.

4.  He was frustrated and angry.  Frustration and anger often close the door on solutions.  We are frustrated and angry and give up.  Control your frustration and anger and allow the Lord to show you how he wants it done.

5.  He rejected a new solution.  So many people reject new ways of doing things without even thinking about it, praying about it or giving it a try.

I hope we all can become a teachable leader and learn new ways to solve problems.  Unreachable leaders will be left behind as our world changes and God does new things in our culture.


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