Leadership, Personal Development


2 Kings 2:15

“The spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha.”

20160705_102656Everybody has something to impart to another.  Some people have more than others to impart because they have disciplined their lives to carry spiritual gifts, abilities, knowledge and experiences in life in order to be useful and a blessing to others.  This process of taking who we are and what we have and imparting it to others is sometimes called mentoring or coaching, but in the Bible it’s called discipling.  This is of utmost importance to our Lord, as it was included in what we call “The Great Commission” – some of the final words of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations…”  Matthew 28:19

The prophet Elijah discipled his helper, Elisha, to the point that when others saw Elisha, they declared, “Elisha has the same characteristics of Elijah.”  This is the sign of successful discipleship:  Those whom you are discipling are similiar to you in their thinking, world view, philosophy of life and actions.  Similar, not clones.  They still maintain their uniqueness, but they carry similar ways of thinking and doing as you…and we hope like the Lord Jesus.

The apostles of the Lord were identified as being associated with Jesus because they thought like him, spoke like  him and acted like him.  The first Christians were called disicples for the same reason.

We, who are followers of Jesus, are to be his disciples.  This means we think like Jesus, talk like Jesus and do like Jesus.  (By the way, Jesus did little more than the five activities recorded in Matthew 4:23-25 – 1)  Preach the Good News, 2)  Teach the Ways of God, 3)  Heal the sick, 4)  Cast out demons, 5) Do various miracles as needed to show God’s power and love.)  Our focus must be to order our thinking, character, words, world view, philosophy of life and daily activities as one who has the Spirit of Jesus working in us.  This involves reading the Bible and applying it to ever area of our life (Family, Relationships, Finances, Work, Entertainment, Future Plans) and asking God to show us to whom He wants us to impart what he’s done in us.  This includes our family, our staff, and those whom the Lord will bring to us.

Disicpleship is intentional.  That means that as a Christian we discover the foundations that God has laid in our lives and as he draws people to us we intentionally impart that to others.  This involves spending time with them probably in some kind of a small group, as well as communication nowadays through email, social media, web calls and other means.  But the point is, we are intentional.  We understand that it must be a priority for us.

For me, this truth of disicpleship became a reality  many, many years ago and is a part of my fiber…my core being.  For me, imparting to others what God has shown me or what He’s doing in me gives me purpose in life.  It keeps the fire of life burning in me.  That’s not to say I’m perfect by any stretch of the imagination nor that I’m a great somebody who is overflowing as the fountain of wisdom, knowledge and experience.  But me, like you, have something to give to others.

I really recommend that you shift your thinking to that of being discipled by God and others and becoming a Discipler.  This is God’s plan for us.  This is how we will bring positive change to the world around us.



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