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Five Levels of Leadership

This article is a summary of the lesson by John Maxwell










As a person is promoted or takes a new job or position in a church, business, organization or volunteer group, it’s important to understand and flow with the Five Levels of Leadership.  People follow leaders for different reasons.  It’s important for us to become the kind of leader that people willingly and lovingly follow for the long-term.

  1.  People follow you because of your positionNOTE: Your influence on this level will not extend beyond the lines of your job description. The only authority you have is what your title gives you. The longer you stay at this level, the higher the turnover rate and the lower the morale of the people.  Rise to the next level of leadership!
  2. People follow you because they have a relationship with you.NOTE: People will follow you beyond your stated authority because they like you or you’re their friend. This level allows work and ministry to be fun and joyful.

    CAUTION: If you stay too long on this level without rising, you will cause highly motivated people to become restless.  They want more than friendship.

      3.  People follow you because you get results.

           NOTE: You solve problems.  You get the job done.  They see you know what you’re                  doing from your knowledge and experience, so they are happy to follow you.  They                 see you have success and suppose if they follow you they will have success, too.

    4.    People follow you because they see you mentor and develop others to have                         success.         

            NOTE: This is where long-­range growth occurs. Your commitment to developing                    leaders will insure ongoing growth to the person and their calling and career and the             church, business and organization.   

     5.   People follow you for who you and and what you represent.  

           NOTE: This step is reserved for leaders who have spent years personally growing and            developing people and organizations.  They recognize your character, skills,                              commitment to people and long-term, lasting results.   Few make it to this level. 

It’s important to not assume people will always follow us because of our position or because they are our friends or they like us.  We must continually develop our personal leadership skills and character.









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