Update From Cambodia

Wagon at Angkor WatDear Friends of World Missions:

Just a short report on how things are going here in Cambodia.  We thank you so much for your prayers and financial commitment to me and Cynde.  We are an extension of your heart for the world.

Briefly, my schedule is full of mentoring and fanning the flames of evangelism, discipleship, leadership and church planting.  Our New Life Fellowship Church Planting Department schedule this week looks like this:

  • An Apostolic Team from Phnom Penh went to Southwestern Cambodia (Koh Kong Province) to encourage New Life pastors and help establish churches in that area.
  • An Apostolic Team from Phnom Penh went to Northwestern Cambodia (Battambang, Banteay Mean Chey and Siem Reap Provinces) to do the same.
  • An Apostolic Team from Phnom Penh went to Northern Cambodia (Kratie Province) to do the same.
  • I was headed to Takeo Province (SE) this morning to mentor three pastors but my motorcycle is broken so no transportation.
  • I’m headed to Kompong Cham Province Saturday morning to mentor some young men who want to plant a New Life Fellowship Church in that city.
  • Sunday after church I meet with an Apostolic Leadership Team I’m forming for our Toul Sanke Campus in Phnom Penh to see branch churches on Phnom Penh planted and more firmly established.  Sunday afternoon I’m meeting with a church in Phnom Penh that has similar DNA as us and training their leaders in our discipleship-making process.  Sunday evening I’m meeting with several couples trying to form a leadership team for a church I’m helping plant in a city an hour south of Phnom Penh.
  • Yesterday I spent the morning working on a strategy for a grant to plant 500 churches in the next five years.

This is a typical week.

As for Cynde, as I type this she’s sitting near me with one of our missionaries strategizing how to make our outreach to English students more effective.

  • Yesterday Cynde met with our English Class Leadership Team encouraging them to remember that our primary purpose for English classes is to lead young people to Jesus; secondarily to give them an excellent education.  How can we be more effective in doing that?
  • Cynde meets with the leadership team of New Life School Phnom Penh several times a week.  She’s step-by-step working on taking Character Quality materials and putting them into the Cambodian context.
  • Cynde is also focusing on teacher training at New Life School, helping the teachers with more creative teaching methods with the goal of giving the children a love for learning.
  • Cynde is also working with our Computer and Office Skills in helping young people who study us gain marketable job skills.

Please take a look at my recent blog on Birthing Prayer.  We so much need you to join us in prayer for all that God wants to do in Cambodia!


Also, Cynde and I are joining dozens of other New Life Fellowship Church Members in a 3K or 10K run to raise funds for our Building Project in Phnom Penh.  We run this Sunday. Please consider sponsoring us. All donations go directly to the NLF Building Fund.


Thank you again for your personal commitment to us as missionaries.

I’m sending this to you personally first, but you may see it again sent out as a generic email to others.

Blessings in the highest!

Chuck and Cynde

Phnom Penh, Cambodia



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