1995-2015: Cambodia is still ripe for the harvest!

DSC02971It’s been 20 years since Cynde and I and our four children arrived in Cambodia. By God’s grace we are continuing in this harvest field, and we want to thank you so much for making this possible. A lot has come and gone, but what’s amazes me is that Cambodia is still ripe for the harvest!  I mean that.  The opportunities are still here and we love it!

We would really appreciate your prayers.  I’m attempting to start two new City Churches – one in Kompong Cham City, about two hours north of Phnom Penh, and one in Kompong Speu City, about an hour south of Phnom Penh.  I have some guys in place who are actually doing the work of the ministry, but I travel to their city and give guidance, trouble shoot and help organize schedules.  It’s a challenge as there are always obstacles of every form when you try to do something for God.

  • In Kompong Cham we have three couples, and a few single people but they all work and have limited to time to reach out.   Pray that God will give Divine Connections to them and they will be able to start small evangelistic/discipleship groups.
  • In Kompong Speu I have one guy working full time with me.  This is his home city so he’s reaching out to his family first.  The Lord has also drawn several non-believers and some new believers who came to the Lord in one of our nearby Provincial Churches.  I send Brother Sary, out weekly.  Sary is passionate and a good teacher of the Word of God.  Pray God will use him to raise up a core group of true disciples.  They’re meeting in Sary’s brother’s house for the time being but we want another location closer to the high school.
  • Also, in Poipet, where I started a church a couple years ago I have a pastor in place (actually, Sary’s older brother, Vearia!).  They are doing well.  They have established a core group and are slowing building and adding members.

In all of these places we have no budget for ministry – we go month-by-month, based on some offerings that come in.  Also, all three locations need facilities to rent (about $400-$600 per month, depending on the location).  We’re moving ahead in faith.  Please join with us for success in evangelism, discipleship and leadership training, as well as the finances to get the church up and going.

As you know, Cynde is involved advising New Life Christian School (K-10) as well as our English Classes, Office Skills Training Classes and Computer Classes.  Our primary focus for these classes all these years is to provide these classes as a doorway to lead youth to Jesus.  We estimate 25,000 young people have come through our doors in these 20 years.  We meet them literally all over Cambodia and Southeast Asia…”Hello Teacher, I used to study at New Life in 1997, etc.  Now I’m married and have a job and attend a church in such a such a city.”  It’ amazing what God has done and is still doing!  Secondly, we offer the classes to equip young people with marketable job skills for free.  We have young people working for businesses, non-profit organizations, churches and Christian ministries all over Cambodia and the USA and Australia.  We’re known for students with good character, good work habits and skills.  Cynde has 50 computer students come through our classes every four months.  She asks that you pray for salvation for each and every one of them and especially that they find jobs when they finish the program.

Thank you so much for standing with us.  We love you and appreciate you so much.

Below are two links to short (amateur) video greetings from me and Cynde.



Blessings to you so much!

Chuck and Cynde McCaul

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

April 2015

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