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Jonah: How God Works With Reluctant Leaders

Jonah 3This blog is straight from the John Maxwell Leadership Bible.

Who among us hasn’t heard God tell us something to do but we really didn’t want to do it?  Sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves that we know more than God about what needs to be done.

Jonah was a godly prophet, yet when God commanded him to preach repentance to the Ninevites, Jonah ran the opposite direction.  As he ran he went down – down to the seashore, down to the bottom of the ship, down to the water, down to the belly of the great fish.  Jonah learned what can happen to a man or woman who is called to lead but who shrinks from that role of leadership.

One can only imagine the wretched conditions inside the creature God had prepared to temporarily house Jonah.  But was it any worse than the situations into which we put ourselves when we run from God?  Eventually the Lord will bring us to a place where we have little choice but to stop, listen and obey.

Buy why wait for such an unpleasant place?

Leaders or backslidden Christians may not understand why God wants them to do a certain thing, but He doesn’t ask us to depend on our own understanding or logic.  Rather, He calls us to walk in obedience to His instruction.  Don’t make it necessary for God to introduce you to the inside of a fish!  Obey Him when He tells you to do something!


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