No Sacrifice Too Great!

Wheat Harvest 1Cynde and I arrived safely in Cambodia after a seven-week visit to the United States.  Probably the best we’ve had, as we spent almost all of the time with family and friends – hardly any work!  In fact, yesterday Cynde spent 5 hours catching up on her emails!  This morning I finished my 60-minute bicycle ride from 5:30 AM – 6:30 AM listening to the live recording of New Life Fellowship’s Life Band.  You can download the English Version of  “Jesus” on iTunes.

“Weather Bug” said yesterday at 6 PM the temperature was 85 degrees  F (29 c), “feels like 95 degrees (35 c).  70% humidity.  Thanks Weatherbug for telling me why I’ve been sweating since 6 am!

This morning I take my 250 cc motorcycle to Samrong Yong, about an hour SE of Phnom Penh to visit a pastor and check out his new kindergarten.  I’m taking my raincoat as it poured yesterday.  If it rains I’ll pull off to the side and engage a Cambodian in conversation.  Maybe I’ll get to explain the Good News of the One Creator God to them for the first time!  After that I have lunch with the pastor and two other nearby pastors – all converts through and part of New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia.  They’ll  cook a delicious Cambodian lunch for me and they’ll share what God is doing through their ministries and I’ll offer any advice I can as a pastor myself and spiritual father.  After that I’ll visit one of our premier churches nearby and the director of our Takeo Fellowship of Churches to discuss our Takeo Region creating strategic plans and goals for 2015 at their next regional meeting.  Their plans and goals will determine how we in Phnom Penh can help them.

This Friday I make the long drive up to Poi Pet (8 hours).  The road is not that great, but I’ve driven on worse.  I’m taking a young missionary from the Republic of Texas who has been working with us along with me – Zach Parish.  Eight hours of fellowship, sharing and mentoring.  What an opportunity!  When we arrive in Poi Pet my priority is to spend time with Pastor Vearia and his wife Lekhena and their two children to encourage him and advise him in any way I can. I’ll also tag along on their weekend outreaches to several villages within the city of Poi Pet, join the Youth Meeting on Saturday night and preach Sunday morning and Sunday night.  I hope to spend all day Monday with them and return to Phnom Penh Tuesday morning.

In about two weeks I’ll make the long trip to Rith-Sen Victory Village, Strung Treng Province, 6 km from the Laotian Border.  I’ll pick up one of our pastors in Kratie province along the way and take him with me.  I cringe at the thought of the long trip on absolutely terrible roads.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the trip to lend support to a young man and his wife who moved from Poi Pet to become the lead man for a plantation.  He is not a pastor nor really even a Christian leader, but he has a passion to reach his “sphere of influence” with the Gospel that sets them free.  This is the same passion that drives all of our New Life Fellowship of Church pastors and leaders.

It’s hot in Cambodia.  The roads are terrible…but the harvest is ripe!  There is no sacrifice to great for me to spend my life to help establish the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of Cambodia.  Let me say that again: THERE IS NO SACRIFICE TOO BIG FOR ANY OF US TO DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO.  I count it a privilege to be alive to serve God’s purposes in my generation.

Cynde and I spent 5 years in Yuba City, California – a break after 12 years in Cambodia.  When my son, Jesse McCaul, called us and asked us to return and help him I remember riding my bicycle along the country roads among the rice fields of Yuba City and praying.  I had made a list of what we needed to return:  A laptop computer, a smart phone, a car, a motorcycle, access to internet at our home and several other items.  As I was riding and praying I felt the Lord ask me, “So you need all of this to do what I’ve called you to do?  And if you don’t have all of this you won’t go?” I stopped my bicycle, got down on my knees and cried and asked forgiveness and told God, “Lord, I’ll do whatever You want me to do, regardless of the resources I have or don’t have.”  This is the same prayer I prayed in 1994 – “Lord, I’ll go anywhere and do anything you want me to do.”  Less than a year later I was in Cambodia with my wife and four children.

God has given me everything I thought I needed and more!  I thank God every day for Patricia King and XP Ministries who purchased a beautiful Toyota 4-wheel drive for me to make these trips.  I thank God every day for people who financially support me and Cynde to represent the God of the Universe in Cambodia and elsewhere (we were just invited this past week to help plant a church in Sri Lanka next year).  I thank God daily for the people who contribute financially to the ministry of New Life Fellowship of Churches to we can continue to evangelize, make disciples, train leaders and plant more churches in Cambodia and send Cambodians as missionaries to other countries.

Please pray for us in the following ways:

  1. Cynde and I have wisdom to impart to those who look to us as mentors, advisors and spiritual father and mother.
  2. A new release of the prophetic, words of wisdom and words of knowledge and healing through us.
  3. Wisdom and guidance as we are now in the mode of budgeting and planning for 2015.

As we come to the end of this year, please consider making a special contribution to New Life Fellowship of Churches:

  • Our Phnom Penh-based staff are coming to an end to our budget for traveling to provincial villages to support our leaders.
  • Sponsorship for more Children at Risk.
  • I have several more books I need to write, get translated and published to benefit Christians and leaders in Cambodia.

My prayer is that you, too, will not consider anything too great a sacrifice to reach your sphere of influence for the Kingdom of God.


Chuck and Cynde McCaul

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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