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Running on Empty

EmptyThis is from my John Maxwell Study Bible with slight additions by me:

The story is 2 Kings 4:1-7 in the Bible.  One day the prophet Elisha meets a woman with nothing – no husband, no income, no food, no future hope.   The prophet tells her to gather what she has and she returns with a jar of oil and several empty jars from her neighbors.   Elisha begins to pour her oil into the empty jars and he just keeps on pouring until all the jars are full.  Only then does the oil in the first jar run out.  Interestingly enough the woman gets as much oil as she has empty jars.  She then takes the oil, sells it and pays her debt and lives off the rest.

There is something about “nothing” that moves the hand of God.  He allows us to find ourselves in “empty places” where we can lean on nothing except Him and His provision.  He loves to show Himself strong toward us.  However, we often don’t look to Him in full faith until we’re in a place of need.  If we are not experiencing God’s presence and provision could it be we are not empty enough?  Could it be we’re not looking to Him and expecting Him to meet us with what we have in our hands?  Could it be that we don’t believe what little strength or resources we have are enough for Him to work with?

This story teaches us the following lessons:

1.  God can do a miracle in even the most desperate and hopeless circumstances.

2.  God will use whatever little we have if we offer it to Him.

3.  God works in our life through faith and obedience.

4.  Allow God to empty you of yourself so you can find the fullness of Him.


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