Leadership, Personal Development

Focused Like a Beaver

So what can we learn from this video about a beaver building his house?  We can learn about the Power of Focus!  There are so many good things to do in life – fun things, meaningful things, necessary things – and some of us want to do them all.  However, if we spread ourselves too thin we won’t be able to do any of them effectively.

One principle of success is the Power of Focus.  Find what God is calling you to do at this time (it may change from season to season in your life) and focus on it.  Make it good.  Don’t get too distracted with too many things going on.  It’s better to focus on a few things and try to do them well rather than a lot of things and do them poorly.

I’ve been a missionary in Cambodia for 20 years.  I came to focus on church planting.  With that we discovered that an essential part also includes humanitarian work such as digging wells, building houses for the poor, small businesses, healthcare and some basic agriculture.  We’ve done that and more (www.nlfcambodia.org) and have been successful.  We have more than 150 locations in 13 provinces where we have a Christian witness and are doing Gospel Work as well as Humanitarian Work in almost all of them.  We have what some say is the largest single congregation in Cambodia in Phnom Penh and support 200 children at risk, have men’s and women’s ” Next Step Houses”  and provide education to youth.  We have some of the most sought-after leaders for conferences, crusades and other activities, including hot music bands.  Some people see all the activity that we’re involved in and may think that we’re spread thin.  We are at times, but we are constantly evaluating how each activity contributes to the overall whole and purpose of our mission in Cambodia.  If not, we consider cutting it so we can remain focused.  I tell people that in all that we do there is very little that is not strategic.  It has been well-thought out and ties into our strengths and overall mission.

I encourage you to watch this video about the industrious and focused beaver and evaluate what you’re doing.  Are you focused or scattered?  Are you strategic of haphazard?  Make adjustments when necessary.  Cut activities when necessary.  Make partnerships when necessary.





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