Leadership, Personal Development

The Levels of Life

Life is lived at different levels. Some people live life at the lowest level – low education, low income, low relationships, low productivity, low influence and low impact on the world they live in.  Many people are satisfied at the level at which they currently live, but others want more.  They want to move up to a new level – increase their education; increase their income; increase their influence, relationships and impact on the world in which they live.  Here’s an important truth:

Life is lived at different levels; we arrive at each level in stages – a little bit at a time.  At each stage we must choose to move forward or fall back.  To move up to a new level of income, education and influence it will cost you something.  It will cost you discomfort, discipline and giving up something.  As John Maxwell says, ” To go up you have to give up.”

I heard of a man we’ll call Andy, who worked at a low-level position at a company.  He did really well at his work and he was noticed by  his supervisor and recommended for a higher position in a different department of the company.  The higher position meant more money, more skill development and more influence.  Andy took the job but after only a few weeks he asked to be transferred back to his previous position.  The new position was too difficult.  He had to learn new skills and learn how to work effectively and with a team.  He preferred the comfort of his lower position.  When he returned to his previous role his friend Mick was offered the new position.  Andy warned Mick that he would not like the new position as it was stressful and you had to learn a lot of new skills.  However, Mick took the new position and did well.  Eventually he became a manager of that department and earned a high salary with benefits and helped the company move forward toward it’s goals.  One person rejected the work and change necessary to rise to a new level and the other man took the risk, made the sacrifices and worked hard to learn new skills.  One man chose to stay in the comfort of his low level and the other man chose to be uncomfortable for a season and move into a new level – his family benefited from the increased income and the company benefited from the new skilled staff.  One man changed the direction of his descendants, moving them in the direction of success and prosperity.  One man keep his descendants at a lower level of opportunities for their future.

Every person has the opportunity to rise to a new level in life but some are afraid of failure.  Some people don’t want to do the hard work.  Some people don’t want to give up one good thing for something better.  Some people are satisfied with short-term benefits and reject the sacrifice and hard work necessary to achieve long-term benefits.

Passing through the levels of life is a pattern that we all must discover.  If we want to achieve success in life we must pass through these stages and levels.  Often we want to go directly to the top of the next level but we must start at the bottom of the new level and as we develop our capacity, wisdom and  experience we rise to the top of that level.  But we will then face a new level and we will have to  decide if we want to rise to an even newer level where we will have to learn more job and relationship skills.

This is a principle of life:  In order to  improve our level of life we must have courage, faith and be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to rise to that new level.


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