Personal Development

The Power of Principles

Some people live by their emotions – that is they do whatever their emotions tell them to do : fear, anger, worry, “fight”, or ” flight”.  Some people live by their comfort zones – that is they stay within what their comfortable with and don’t venture out to do something new, difficult, stressful or that stretches them.  They stay within their cultural comfort zone or family traditions.  Some people live by intuition – that is they follow their “gut feeling”.  Sometimes what they do is beyond reason or outside their boundaries, but their experience has proven that these “hunches”  are sometimes from God and sometimes successful.  However, others live by principles.

Principles are basic truths; fundamental laws of the universe, facts of nature.  They are constants – if it happens one time it will happen again.  They have been proven to be true in many, if not every different situation and culture.  Principles work.  They produce results.  Giving 10% of your income to God is a principle – it works.  God rewards you.  It works in the USA, Mexico, Canada and Singapore.  It works every time.  Exercise and be careful about the kinds of food you eat will cause you to loose weight – fat.  This is a principle.  It works if we apply it.

People who seek after principles succeed.  There are principles for a successful family; principles for a successful business.  Principles for successful relationships.  Principles for successful health. When we discover, apply and live by these principles we will find success in that area of life.

Edwin Louis Cole says in his book, ” Treasure” that all of life is based on principles and follows patterns.  Patterns are ways the universe operates.  Seed time and harvest time is a pattern.  You become successful and prosper when you base your life on principles and find patterns that work for you.  The pattern you learn determines the life you live.  The better the pattern the better the life.

Seek out the Principles of Life that others have discovered and applied and look for patterns that others have discovered and follow them yourself.


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