Personal Development

Books Are Your Best Friend

Some people say, “A dog is a man’s best friend.”  But Edwin Cole in his book, “Treasure”  says that’s not correct, but books are a man’s best friend.

Books can become your greatest resource for success in life because they contain principles and patterns that others have discovered and pass on to you. We receive the result of their hard work and experiences in life.  The habit of reading books helps create the power of concentration and creative thinking.  It provides greater understanding, sharpness of mind and enjoyment of life.

To learn the most valuable principles and patterns of life read what others have discovered for you.  The discovery of printing has been the most valuable discovery of mankind as it allowed people to read for themselves and disseminate information to the masses.  The printing of books and literature has influenced the internet.   It’s essential to learn to read and make a habit of reading in order to rise to new levels of success and become all that God wants us to become.  If we don’t read we are limited and confined.  The normal person stops reading after they finish their schooling, but the above-normal person continues reading and growing throughout their life.

A love for reading should be transmitted from one generation to another.  Parents must create this habit and pass it on to their children.  One of the best things a parent can do is to read to their children.  In the year 1644 the State of Massachusetts (USA) made a law that fathers were responsible to read to their children.  This is pretty strict, but the idea is a good one – fathers should read to their children.  Do not leave it to others to educate your children.  Reading creates a bond between the parent and child.

My friend, watching TV, videos and games is not the answer – reading is much better.  The truth can set you free and books are a way of discovering the truth – starting with the Christian Bible and including other novels, historical and informative books.  Books reveal truth to us, but truth is like soap – we must apply it to be useful.  Act on what you learn.

One principle that you learn from a book can change your life – marriage, business or career.  Make it a habit to read and pass this love for reading and habit on to the next generation.


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